The Fearrington House Inn

Five reasons to go to The Fearrington House Inn

  • By Gabriela A
  • Destinations
  • 21.10.2016

If you are looking for a small but stylish hotel, here are five reasons to go to The Fearrington House Inn. The warm atmosphere will help with easing the daily stress.

Check the The Fearrington House Restaurant
Do you want to eat dinner in a romantic setting? The Fearrington House Restaurant is an award winning place that prides itself in delivering the healthiest dishes. All the food is prepared with fresh ingredients which are brought in straight from the farm. Furthermore, gusts can host birthday dinners here.

Visit the The Spa at Fearrington
Even if you only have one hour free, go to the Spa and wash away your stress. The elegant spa has been featured in several style magazines over the years. Enjoy a refreshing facial treatment, get a new manicure or simply lay down and take advantage of a full body wrap.

Private parties and weddings
The resort is the perfect spot for a small or even large wedding reception. Garden ceremonies are available all year round, and the planners can put together the last details for you. The hotel offers sophisticated wedding menus and catering options, as well as indoor receptions.

Go shopping at the Village
Your vacation cannot end without a good dose of shopping. If you like books, don't forget to check out McIntyre’s Books, a store that can satisfy any book fan's requests. Head over to Dovecote and pick out the perfect dress, and then to Haven Spa Boutique. The store carries a great selection of body products you may like to sample.

Village eateries
If the hotel's restaurant is not enough, go into town to have lunch. The eateries here serve hot croissants, fresh sandwiches and of course, coffee. You can have a Sunday brunch here, bond with your family and experience the locally grown food.