Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa

Five reasons to go to Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa (New York)

  • By Gabriela A
  • Destinations
  • 21.10.2016

With activities for all seasons, Mirror Lake Inn Resort is a popular weekend getaway and not only. You have at least five reasons to go to Mirror Lake Inn Resort & Spa (New York), so go check it out!

Attend a festival
The Lake Placid Blues and Heritage Festival last 3 days and spreads over 10 different venues. It will surely be difficult to keep up with it, but you will still be able to listen to plenty of live blues music. The featured artists are for most part based in the North East of the United States.

To attend a Birding Celebration
This celebration usually takes place in early summer. The 13th annual event will have its participants travel to the Boreal birding hot spots, attend lectures, and enjoy other activities. The main purpose of the event is to find specific birds and their nests.

Meetings and reunions
Usually when you want to gather a larger group of people the space will pose some problems. If they’re to come from farther away, accommodations are also needed. The Mirror Lake Inn is the perfect location to both provide accommodations and plenty of space for the gathering, no matter the type.

Go to the spa
The best way to get pampered at the spa is by purchasing a package that contains all the services. This may be a bit unrealistic and impossible to do. If you are to spend a few days at this inn, you will have the possibility of trying out all the services on menu, for a body and mind rejuvenation.

Enjoy some food
We can’t survive without food, and there is at least one things that can make the food taste better: the view. While dining outdoors on the terrace, you’ll have an amazing view of the lake. The indoor dining room has a view that seems to be taking you on a trip to a different continent and timeline.